Monday, September 20, 2010

Yellow Cake

I have a history with yellow cake.

The one and only time I tried to make yellow cake, I used Julia Child's genoise. Genoise is held up by fluffy beaten eggs. No leavening. You have to add the perfect amount of flour and mix it in a way so that it keeps its volume.

I did not.

I made that cake three times and then gave up on it. It just didn't taste good enough for all the work.

And then my mother asked me to make a surprise cake for my dad's birthday. I decided on Butter Cake with Easy Chocolate Buttercream.

And it was so simple. It had a normal amount of flour and baking powder. It was a normal cake. And it even tasted good.

I will never make a different yellow cake again.

The buttercream was super chocolatey, due to the Dutch process cocoa in it. I actually added less confectioners sugar than was called for, since my cocoa powder was special dark- a blend of regular and Dutch process cocoa powder and not as rich as normal Dutch process.

The cake was good but very sweet.

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