Wednesday, November 3, 2010


A frittatta is something like a big omelet or a crustless quiche. You can put just about any cooked vegetable in it but this one had yellow squash and goat cheese. Technically it was supposed to have zucchini in it too but...

I realized once again that I had to go collect herbs in the dark. Unfortunately it had frosted and the basil was brown and very dead looking. There were, however, chives, and we have multiple bags of basil in the freezer.

Another random substitution: we didn't have butter. So I used clarified butter left over from the Omelet la Flop. It seemed to work okay.

I cooked the frittata and it was a little bit scrambled-ish but once I sprinkled Parmesan and "Raw Milk Cheddar Goat Cheese" (There are kinds of goat cheese?)on top and broiled it, it looked fine.

Bottom line: lots of substitutions but it tasted really good and it didn't get cold in 45 seconds like omelets do. Yay!

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  1. You know, this is funny. Just yesterday, Carolina (our exchange student) and me were looking at Martha Stewart's recipes, and we saw the fritatta and both went 'Ooooooooh...' :D

    On Sunday, I was looking for a cinnamon roll-recipe and took one from the Internet which were supposedly "American style". Unfortunately not. They tasted yeasty, and hard, and chewy, and worst of all: not "cinnamony" at all.
    Everybody else likes them, but yours are like a million times better...
    So I guess, you will have to give me your recipe... ;)