Monday, October 4, 2010

Burgers of Some Sort or Another

I was supposed to use freshly ground chuck, but I don't have grinder! I'm sure it's delicious, but I'm going to have to substitute a little. So frozen organic ground beef will have to do.

I have always wondered - hamburgers are not made out of ham. They are not even made out of pork. Shouldn't they be beefburgers? Or...chuckburgers? Or even cowburgers? Okay, not cowburgers. That sounds a little weird. But ham is very misleading.

They were burgers of some sort or another and they were BIG. They were nothing but meat, and some salt and pepper. They are cooked in pans, which was sort of new for me, because I do not usually cook meat. My dad and my brothers generally do that. Unfortunately, I added too much oil to the pan and it was super crackly. I was rather freaked out, the burgers were a bit black on the outside but I was saved by the help of my brother and dad.

Once that was over, I wiped out the pan, and toasted some really yummy white bread buns I had made in butter. They were SO good.

I had also made some Buttermilk Herb Vinaigrette, but I was so full from the delicious burger that I didn't eat any of it until the next day!

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